18 augustus 2011

Indomita Duette Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir 2008

#Pinotsmackdown. This one's in English. A pinot noir tasting on twitter initiated in Australia, hence my choice of language. Timedifference ten hours. Down under it's 19:30, here in Holland it's 09:30. This bottle I bought at a local supermarket called PLUS, costs €7,99. Alcohol, a whopping 14,5%! Here's what I had to tweet about it.

#Lots of oak in the nose. #I can hardly taste through the wood. It's dominant. Too bad. #Still cannot get past the wood. As if I'm tasting an oaky Rioja! #It received a silver medal from Decanter world wine awards in 2009. #Some bitterness is getting through. Similar to the German pinot's. #At 14,5% alcohol it's quite a burning sensation. #Although I can taste this is a very good and tasty pinot, no resemblance whatsoever with Burgundy pinot. #It's getting there. Pinot's characteristics are getting through everso slightly. (Here's where I got the advice, thanks Remy, to let it rest for an hour or more, which I did) #My Chilean pinot has been resting for one odd hour now. It makes a world of difference! #This looks more like it! Though far from resembling a Burgundy pinot, it resembles more a German Spätburgunder. #Strawberry is now apparent. A refreshing bitterness and acidity. A hint of tobacco. #This is how I like it! Credit to the producer. Excellent job! #That's it from me for now. The remaining sips I'm going to swallow. It has been fun to join this twittertasting. #Twexit.